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Visiting Professorship Program

How to Apply

The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine established the Visiting Professorship Program in 1998 to promote the understanding and practice of psychosomatic medicine and to increase interest in, and awareness of, psychosomatic medicine.

Visiting Professorship awards — up to $2,500 each — are used to support the travel expenses, lodging, meals, and honorarium for an APM member to serve as a visiting professor to a host university, hospital, or medical facility. The faculty sponsor at the host institution must also be a member of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.

A limited number of Visiting Professorships are awarded each year. Any university, hospital, or medical facility may apply, although preference is given to programs that support interdisciplinary and/or interdepartmental interactions and institution-wide involvement.


Andrea DiMartini, MD, FAPM
visiting Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, IL

Jeff Huffman, MD, FAPM
visiting Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Christina Wichman, DO, FAPM
visiting Oxford Women's Centre, Oxford, UK


Hochang Benjamin Lee, MD, FAPM
visiting Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University School of Medicine, Springfield, MA

James L. Levenson, MD, FAPM
visiting the University of Pennsylvania Department of Psychiatry, Philadelphia, PA

José Maldonado, MD, FAPM, FACFE
visiting the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

2013 Elisabeth J.S. Kunkel, MD, FAPM, visiting Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA

Tomer T. Levin, MBBS, FAPM, visiting Stanford University, Stanford, CA

2012 Mary Ann Cohen, MD, FAPM, visiting Olive View-UCLA Medical Center

Catherine Crone, MD, FAPM, visiting the University of Chicago

Laura Roberts, MD, FAPM, visiting Oregon Health and Science University

Jeffrey, Staab, MD, visiting Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

2011 Harvey Chochinov, MD, PhD, FAPM, visiting the Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego; Scott Irwin, MD, PhD, faculty sponsor

Wayne Katon, MD, FAPM, visiting the University of Alabama; Richard Kennedy, MD, FAPM, faculty sponsor

2010 William Breitbart, MD, FAPM, visiting Loyola University Medical Center; Murali Rao, MD, faculty sponsor

Wayne Katon, MD, FAPM, visiting Brigham & Women's Hospital; David Gitlin, MD, FAPM, faculty sponsor

Terry Rabinowitz, MD, FAPM, visiting the University of North Carolina; Donald Rosenstein, MD, FAPM, faculty sponsor

Linda Worley, MD, FAPM, visiting Thomas Jefferson University; Keira Chism, MD and Madeleine Becker, MD, faculty sponsors

2009 Kurt Kroenke, MD, visiting Cambridge Health Alliance; Amy Bauer, faculty sponsor

Theodore Stern, MD, FAPM, visiting Thomas Jefferson University; Keira Chism, MD and Madeline Becker, MD, faculty sponsors

Paula Trzepacz, MD, FAPM, visiting Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center; Hochang Lee, MD, faculty sponsor


Andrea DiMartini, MD, FAPM, visiting Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami Miller, School of Medicine; Jorge Luis Sotelo, MD, FAPM, faculty sponsor

Roger G. Kathol, MD, FAPM, visiting Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; Elisabeth J.S. Kunkel, MD, FAPM, faculty sponsor

Tomer T. Levin, MD, FAPM, visiting VA New York Harbor Medical Center, New York Campus; Brian D. Bronson, MD, faculty sponsor


Philip R. Muskin, MD, FAPM, visiting Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, faculty sponsor Andrew J. Roth, MD

Steven D. Passik, PhD, visiting Massachusetts General Hospital, faculty sponsor William Pirl, MD, FAPM

Joseph S. Weiner, MD, PhD, FAPM, visiting Austin Medical Education Programs/Seton Hospitals, faculty sponsor Lawrence A. Houser, MD

2006 James L. Levenson, MD, FAPM
Michael C. Sharpe, MD, FAPM
Harold J. Wain, PhD, FAPM
Joseph S. Weiner, MD, PhD, FAPM
2005 No award
2004 Andrew J. Roth, MD, FAPM
2003 Paula T. Trzepacz, MD, FAPM
William R. Yates, MD, FAPM
2002 Harvey M. Chochinov, MD, PhD, FAPM
Francisco Fernandez, MD
2001 James L. Levenson, MD, FAPM
2000 Andrea DiMartini, MD, FAPM
Wayne J. Katon, MD, FAPM
Seth Powsner, MD
1999 Wayne J. Katon, MD, FAPM
Constantine G. Lyketsos, MD, FAPM
1998 Michael K. Popkin, MD, FAPM
Paula T. Trzepacz, MD, FAPM



Elisabeth Kunkel, MD, FAPM (right in the two 2014 photos below), presented the 2014 Visiting Professorship awards in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Steven Fischel, Ben Lee, Eilsabeth Kunkel

Steven Fischel, MD, PhD, FAPM (left) at Baystate/Tufts was host to 2014 Visiting Professor Hochang B. Lee, MD, FAPM (center).

Robert Weinrieb, Jim Levenson, Elisabeth Kunkel

Robert Weinrieb, MD (left), at the University of Pennsylvania hosted 2014 Visiting Professor James Levenson, MD, FAPM (center).

Tomer Levin, James Rundell, Elisabeth Kunkel

James Rundell, MD, FAPM (center) presented the 2013 Visiting Professorship awards to Tomer T. Levin, MD, FAPM and Elisabeth J.S. Kunkel, MD, FAPM.

Elisabeth Kunkel, Roger Kathol, Harold Goforth

Harold Goforth, MD (right) presented the 2008 Visiting Professorship awards in Miami. Roger G. Kathol, MD, FAPM (center) was the Visiting Professor at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, faculty sponsor Elisabeth Kunkel, MD, FAPM (left).

2008 Visiting Professor Andrea DiMartini 2008 Visiting Professor Tomer Levin

2008 Visiting Professor Andrea DiMartini, MD, FAPM visited the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

2008 Visiting Professor Tomer T. Levin, MD, FAPM visited VA New York Harbor Medical Center

2007 presenter M.J.Massie and 2007 visiting professor Passik

Mary Jane Massie, MD, FAPM presented the 2007 Visiting Professorship awards in Amelia Island, Florida. Steven D. Passik, PhD, visited Massachusetts General Hospital.

2007 visiting professor Muskin 2007 visiting professor Weiner

2007 Visiting Professor Philip R. Muskin, MD, FAPM visited MSKCC.

2007 Visiting Professor Joseph S. Weiner, MD, PhD, FAPM visited Austen/Seton Hospitals.


How to Apply for the Visiting Professorship Program

Any university, hospital, or medical facility may apply for an APM Visiting Professorship grant. Both the faculty sponsor and the Visiting Professor must be a member of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine. All applications are reviewed for competitiveness by an APM-appointed committee.

APM strongly encourages applications for programs that support interdisciplinary and/or interdepartmental interactions and institution-wide involvement. Applications are rated on relevance to psychosomatic medicine; overall quality of program design; inclusion of plans for interdepartmental and interdisciplinary programs; and likely impact on the institution and/or community.

Application for the program must be made using the online Visiting Professorship Application. All three parts of the application, described below, must be filled in with as much detail as you can provide. Applications must be received by April 1.

Three Parts to the Application:

PART 1. Institution and Faculty Sponsor. Identify and describe the institution and the faculty sponsor, who must be a member of APM. Indicate your preferred APM member as the Visiting Professor, whom you have previously contacted to assure his or her availability and willingness to serve as a Visiting Professor. The Academy reserves the right to name another individual.

PART 2. Goals for the Program at Your Institution. Identify a main topic of interest which the Visiting Professor will address. Topics could be general principles in the evaluation and management of the medically ill (psychiatric assessment, legal issues, ethical issues; psychological responses to illness), psychiatric symptoms and disorders in the medically ill, psychiatric treatment of the medically ill, and issues within specialties and subspecialties (e.g., pain, oncology, pediatrics, organ transplantation, etc.).

Relevant PM systems topics include setting up or improving a PM teaching service, providing PM services in non-academic settings, primary care integration, research in PM Psychiatry, and PM Psychiatry Administration (e.g., reimbursement for PM services).

In addition, provide a brief summary of the background of your department. Describe your goals for the Visiting Professorship Program at your institution and how the Visiting Professor will help you achieve these goals. Justify the need for the Program, and how it will further psychosomatic education in your hospital/community.

PART 3. Format. Complete and attach the fill-in-the-blanks Word document for Part 3: Format. Here you provide a detailed listing of specific activities that clearly describe what is expected of the Visiting Professor. This should include the types of venues, the composition and size of the anticipated audience, and the time alloted for each activity. The program duration may be from one to three days. Please be as specific as possible.

Suggested presentation formats include:

  • Lectures — Psychiatry Grand Rounds; Medicine/Family Practice Grand Rounds; Resident/Student Lectures; PM Conference/Lecture
  • Case Conferences; PM Rounds; Program Review
  • Mentorship — Junior Faculty; Research Faculty; Residents
  • Lunch/Dinner Discussion Groups

Disciplines expected to attend might include trainees or faculty from neurology, pain, geriatrics, internal medicine, other medical specialties; social workers, chaplains, nurses, hospital administrators, etc.

The final online entry of the application is to describe how the institution will allocate the $2,500 award — a budget for travel, food, honorarium, etc.

MS Word icon Application, Part 3: Format

Fill out the above Word form and attach to the

Online Application

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