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Bridging Physical and Mental Health

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The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine represents psychiatrists dedicated to the advancement of medical science, education, and healthcare for persons with comorbid psychiatric and general medical conditions and provides national and international leadership in the furtherance of those goals.

The Foundation of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (fAPM) exists to financially support the mission of the Academy. Through contributions and donations, the Foundation aims to provide support by:

Developing leaders in Psychosomatic Medicine

The Foundation provides financial assistance to support the Academy's Webb Fellowship program, which provides younger members with mentorship and opportunities for leadership.

Supporting the academic growth and development of trainees

Thanks to Foundation donations, over a dozen trainees have been able to attend the Academy's annual meeting through the Trainee Travel Award.

Fostering ongoing career development and recognizing significant contributions to the field

Recognition of significant achievements and contributions to the field are supported, in part, by Foundation donors.

Supporting the growth and development of researchers in Psychosomatic Medicine

Please give to the newly launched Research Support Fund, created to honor Wayne Katon, MD, FAPM, whose career was dedicated to clinical research.

For more information about the Foundation and how contributions are used to support the APM, please see About. To find out how you can help, please see Support. To make a contribution, click Donate Now and be recognized as an Academy supporter on our Donors page!


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