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The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine is committed to providing leadership in the new age of health care. As psychiatrists and practitioners at the interface of medicine and psychiatry, no group is better trained and poised to be the future of psychiatry. Our work is vital to the redesign of health care toward integrated, collaborative care.

With your support of the Foundation, the Academy can continue its work in supporting, educating, and preparing this and future generations for leadership. Your donations will also help us recognize outstanding achievements in the field and, in the future, create endowments for research and study.

For those Academy members who grew their careers with the influence of APM,
it's time to give back!

For those new to the Academy,
every little bit helps.

For those senior members who have devoted and shared their time, professionalism, and mentorship,

we thank you heartily and we would not refuse a financial donation!


Our campaign to engage every member of the Academy in making a contribution to the Foundation has begun. Having full support from the membership sends a strong message about our collective committment to our organization and its mission, enabling us to solicit larger grants from individuals and institutions that have interest in our work. All gifts, no matter how small, are important.

As of fall 2016, 200 members and friends of the Academy have made contributions to the Foundation in cash and honoraria.


The Foundation of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine accepts monetary donations online, by check, and by redirection of an honorarium.

Recognition for levels of giving are based on your annual gift:

Supporter Contributor Partner Leader Patron
up to $99 $100 – $249 $250 – $499 $500 – $999 $1000 or more

Please join our distinguished list of donors!

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