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The Cardiovascular Psychiatry SIG consists of APM members interested in advancing clinical care, education, and research on the relationship between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and psychiatric symptoms. The bidirectional relationships between CVD and various psychiatric symptoms are some of the most replicated findings in psychosomatic medicine and are commonly encountered in the daily practice of psychosomatic medicine clinicians.  However, few empirically based guidelines are available to assist and enhance the practice of cardiovascular psychiatry.

The purpose of the Cardiovascular Psychiatry SIG is to foster clinical, educational and research collaboration among PM specialists who share an interest in this area.   Through ongoing communication through electronic media and a workshop/ symposium at the annual APM meeting, we aim to improve the clinical practice of the group members and enrich the knowledge base of Academy members-at-large by voicing the perspective of PM clinicians who are at the forefront of providing psychiatric care to CVD patients.

Goals and Activities

In 2017 we hope to:

  • Create a symposium related to the utility of preoperative psychiatric evaluations for patients undergoing cardiac surgery for the 2017 APM Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, CA.
  • Maintain and expand our listserv for SIG members, with the goals of (1) providing a method for members to discuss clinical and research questions; and (2) providing a forum to assist collaboration between group members.
  • Assist the APM/APA workgroup with the creation of a resource document related to QTc prolongation.

Membership in the SIG and Our Mailing List

APM Members: To join our SIG, you simply need to update your APM membership profile:

  1. Sign into the Members' Corner, and click the link to "View or update your profile."
  2. Check "Cardiovascular Psychiatry" in the "Special Interest Group List" that displays toward the bottom of your profile page.
  3. Review/update your other profile information, and click the"Post Changes" button.

Alternatively, email the Academy office at info@apm.org with your request to join the SIG.

If you are not a member of the APM, please send an email indicating your field of interest, your full name and organization, and your telephone number to info@apm.org (email link includes CC to the co-chairs of the SIG).

If you are interested in the Cardiovascular Psychiatry SIG, we recommend becoming a member of the APM.  To learn more about the benefits of APM membership and how to join, please see our Membership Advantages and How to Join pages.

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