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How to Propose a New SIG

About APM Listservs
(private Google Groups)

Many APM members are especially interested in one or more subspecialty areas of psychosomatic medicine.  We are pleased to sponsor 16 special interest groups which bring together professionals to discuss clinical care, teaching, and research in subspecialty areas.   For many years, SIGs have provided vital networking, mentoring, and collaborative support to hundreds of our members.  SIGs meet at the annual meeting and also throughout the year via listserv, teleconferencing, and email. 

All APM members are welcome to join individual SIGs or to attend their meetings. To join a SIG, contact the chair of the group. Current SIGs and their chairs (linked to their emails) are listed below. Contact information for the chairs is also available in the online member directory.

APM Special Interest Groups and Chairs
page on the web = link to SIG's web page

Bioethics  page on the web

Mary Ann Cohen, MD, FAPM
Rebecca Brendel, MD, JD, FAPM

Cardiovascular Psychiatry  page on the web

Leo Pozuelo, MD, FAPM
Chris Celano, MD

Community-Based Psychosomatic Physician Practice Issues

A. Jason Richter, MD

Early Career Psychiatrists

Leeza Park, MD
John Taylor, MD

Emergency Psychiatry

J.J. Rasimas, MD, PhD, FAPM
Mary Jo Fitz-Gerald, MD, FAPM

Global Health

Stephen Nicolson, MD, FAPM

HIV/AIDS Psychiatry  page on the web

Mary Ann Cohen, MD, FAPM
Kelly Cozza, MD, FAPM

Medicine & Psychiatry

Thomas Heinrich, MD, FAPM



Yonas Geda, MD

Palliative Medicine & Psycho-Oncology

Rachel Lynn, MD

Pediatric Psychosomatic Medicine  page on the web

Maryland Pao, MD, FAPM
Susan Turkel, MD, FAPM

Psychotherapeutic Approaches to the Medically Ill

Craig Lichtman, MD, MBA
Xavier Jimenez, MD


Jane Walker, MBChB, MSc, PhD, MRCPsych


Terry Rabinowitz, MD, FAPM

Transplant Psychiatry  page on the web

Andrea DiMartini, MD, FAPM
Catherine Crone, MD, FAPM

Women's Health

Nehama Dresner, MD, FAPM
Christina Wichman, DO, FAPM
Nancy Byatt, DO, FAPM


If you are interested in forming a new SIG, please:
1.  Read the APM Policy on SIGs.
2.  Fill out and submit the online SIG Request Form.



Two groups that have been formed to discuss issues of particular interest that are not specifically related to a PM subspecialty area are:


The forum for directors of C-L/PM fellowship training programs consists of directors and their assistants to discuss issues relating to recruitment, training, and accreditation. Members communicate via listserv (private Google Group) and meet annually at the APM annual meeting.

Members: post a message by sending an email to:

Archived message board (only group members who also have a Google Account can view):
   (opens in new browser window)

To join this group:
   Send an email to forum-admin at apm dot org.

PM/C-L FELLOWS in Training

PM fellows in training and interested psychiatry residents are encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions about experiences, job search, special events for trainees at the annual meeting, and more. Discussions are conducted via listserv (private Google Group).

Members: post a message by sending an email to:

Archived message board (only group members who also have a Google Account can view):
   (opens in new browser window)

To join this group:
   Send an email to moderators Saira Hussain and Neil Puri.

Related materials:
   BulletCommon Application Form for PM Fellowship
   PDF iconSuggestions for PM Fellowship Candidates

About APM Listservs (Google Groups)

APM has been using Google Groups as the listservs for most of the SIGs. These Google Groups are private groups: only a member of a particular group can post messages to that group, and each archive message board can be viewed by only members of a group who also have a free Google Account. (Note that a Google email account, or gmail, is not necessary. The email address used for membership in the group must be the same as the email address used for the Google Account. The password you choose for your Google Account is the password to view the archive.)

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