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Co-Chairs: Craig Lichtman MD, MBA and Xavier Jimenez, MD, MA

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Welcome to the APM Psychological Considerations SIG!


Mary Ann Cohen, co-chair of the APM Bioethics SIG
Craig Lichtman, MD, MBA

Xavier Jimenez, co-chair of the Psych Considerations SIG
Xavier Jimenez, MD, MA

Psychological aspects of consultation-liaison and psychosomatic psychiatry have long been recognized as important components of the work we do, crystalized by the bio-psycho-social model. The Psychological Considerations SIG has been evolving since 2006 in its mission to bring together like-minded psychosomatic medicine psychiatrists seeking to address psychological aspects of the care of patients, and to promote the teaching of psychological perspectives.

The goals of the SIG are to:

  1. Provide education and training in psychological perspectives for psychosomatic medicine psychiatrists.
  2. Develop and present symposia and workshops on psychological considerations of patient care at the APM annual meeting.
  3. Collaborate on research and publish our work, including complex case presentations or series with in-depth analyses.

We welcome new members! Joining is easy -- see How to Join below.

SIG Meetings and Discussions

The Psychological Considerations SIG meets annually during the APM annual meeting in November. We encourage new members to join us at our annual SIG meetings as well as to participate in ongoing communications and updates between meetings via our listserv, which provides a forum for discussion and development/presentation of symposia, as well as an opportunity for networking, collaborating, and writing.


Next SIG meeting:
Friday, November 11, 2016 — 7:45–8:30am
JW Marriott Austin Hotel, Room 208

NEW Psychological Considerations Bibliography
The members of the SIG have created a comprehensive bibliography of references relevant to the psychological management of complex clinical scenarios. Please feel free to utilize this as a resource for training or clinical work. See the Bibliography here.

Web Page: SIG Co-Chair Xavier Jimenez, MD, is functioning as editor of our new Psychological Considerations SIG web page (this page). In addition to the listserv, we will be using this page as our main source for updates, communications, and educational materials.

HISTORY of the Psychological Considerations SIG

2006 The Psychodynamic Issues SIG was founded by Craig Lichtman, MD, MBA, the same year in which he presented a pre-conference course titled “The Psychoanalytically Informed Approach to the Medically Ill” at the Academy's 2006 Annual Meeting.

2010 The Psychodynamic Issues SIG merged with the Psychotherapy of the Medically Ill SIG, the latter chaired by Harold Bronheim, MD. The merged SIG became the Psychotherapeutic Approaches to the Medially Ill SIG, co-chaired by Drs. Bronheim and Lichtman.

2014 Dr. Bronheim stepped down as co-chair and Xavier Jimenez, MD, MA agreed to join Dr. Lichtman as co-chair.

2015 In the spring, the name was changed to Psychological Considerations SIG. This new name is meant to capture not only psychotherapeutic/clinical interventions but also considerations ranging from mindfulness to countertransference, psychodynamics to CBT. This change is directly informed by the input gathered at our 2014 APM SIG meeting
      In the fall of 2015, the SIG created its web presence (this page).

How to Join the SIG

We welcome new members and hope you join us at meetings and in discussions and collaborations. While membership in the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine is not required, we encourage our SIG members to become APM members. (To join the APM, please see How to Join APM.)

The procedure for APM members to join the Psychological Considerations SIG is different from that for non-APM members, as follows:

APM Members: To join our SIG, you simply need to update your APM membership profile:

  1. Sign into the Members' Corner, and click the link to "View or update your profile."
  2. Check "Psychological Considerations" in the Special Interest Group list that displays toward the bottom of your profile page.
  3. Review/update your other profile information, and click the "Post Changes" button.

If you are not a member of the APM, please send an email indicating your field of interest, your full name and organization, and your telephone number to info@apm.org (email link includes CC to the co-chairs of the SIG).


The following resources may be useful in your daily practice and/or as educational tools.


The following presentations at past APM annual meetings are examples of presentations organized by members of the Psychological Considerations SIG. Links are to the abstracts, which may be useful as well as interesting.

  • APM 2015 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • APM 2014 Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • APM 2006 Annual Meeting, Tucson, Arizona

    Motivational Interviewing Videos

    The following videos exhibit and explain the process of motivational interviewing. Also see the Bibliography section on Motivational Interviewing for books and articles on the subject.


    The extensive bibliography of resources you may find useful is given on a separate page here. The resources are grouped in these categories:

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